Monday, April 25, 2011

My FB's is under construction !!

Assalamualaikum and Helloew there.
Hahaha . . It's been a long time I didn't update my blog.
When it tick my head like "na update blog lahh!" time tu jugak la Mr.Lazy datang.
Okay, the motive to update today is just wanna tell that,
Almost a WEEK I'll try to fix my Facebook account.
But, later it just WORTHLESS !!
(Makin serabut adalah -__-")
Soo, I'm taking a step to private all of the thing there.
Its okay, later or sooner, it'll normal back.

And I do sign up to twitter,and skype.
I'm using my current address:
If interested, do add and follow.
But, i'm still learning to them.
Seems fun to tweet,tweet everywhere. Haha.
Hope that it will be a lot easier.

And lately, I do a lot of things. 
Went there, went here .
Do this. Do that.
Damn tired lahh + fun .

And I'm starting to kind of liking K-pop thingy~
Haihh -_-"
Is the 2008's me is back?
Naa ~
Hopefully it wont affect me like it did before.

And after this I'll attending a long-term programme.
So, I'm gonna miss to skype,tweet,y.m and FB.
Erm, what to do~ Life must go on .

Till here.

^__< .

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Life isn't always on top !!

Assalamualaikum and Hi There !
I'm posting this due to all the thing that happen to me lately.
After one things happen, comes another things later.

All the things happened was so make me
think thats DIE is better than being ALIVE !!

I do think sometimes,
Our life isn't always on top.
Sometimes mistakes does make people being ALERT of their surrounding.
(*whisperin' : i dun thing it works on me)

I'll keep think positive 'bout what happened to me.
I always dreaming of something that i know it wont happened.

to get conscious back,
I said to myself
STOP dreaming again and it is worthless.
It only worth if i do WORK to make it real.

As usual I still dunno how to make my blog as cool as COOLBLOG.
Pfttt, what the hell ?

Okay i still need blogger xifu !!

Hey, I was accidented yesterday.
Here some piccas of what happened.

<------ My grandpa's car was totally -__-"

This is the tree that I crashed to  ---->
(mcmna bole naik atas diveder un aQ ta taw)

Luckily, my little sister was fine.

I just wanna say that,

End of the post today.
Assalamualaikum !!

Psstt, for those yang kenal aQ,
Korang msty ta caye that aQ gedik2 bwt blog.
Setiap manusia ada rahsia tersendiri derr.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Newbies Here :)

Hi there !
Seriously i dunno how this things works.
This blogging things i mean.

Okayy,gonna start with ASSALAMUALAIKUM.

Psst, i dunno what i'm doing right now actually.

Do teach me any Blogger sifu !


I do feel extremely awkward by doing this.